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Setting the standard for COMPREHENSIVE, COMPASSIONATE and QUALITY geriatric and residential care mobile dentistry since 1997!

Nursing Home Dental Care, known by the trade name Healthy Seniors Dental in Florida, Maryland and Pennsylvania, is a comprehensive mobile dental program co-developed in 1997 by dentists and residential care facilities to improve oral health and quality of life for geriatric and other long term care residents.

We specialize in comprehensive, onsite dental services encompassing a broad spectrum
of oral care.

  • 24x7 emergency response
  • Restorative care (including fillings, simple extractions, etc.)
  • Dentures and denture care
  • Routine checkups and cleanings
  • Exclusive Oral Health Maintenance Program, providing additional oral hygiene visits by an Oral Health Consultant
  • In-service oral health trainings of nursing home staff to help ensure that oral health is maintained in between dental appointments, with written certification

Nursing Home Dental Care is brought to you by Elliot Schlang, DDS, Adrian Rose, DDS, David Cowan, DMD, and Melanie Schlang, DDS.  Administrative support is provided by Nursing Home Dental Care, coordinating mobile dental care in hundreds of sites across the United States since 1997, with a perfect legal and ethical record of no liability claims ever filed.  All dental decisions are made by state licensed dentists with perfect ethical records.

Source: The TRECS Institute, 2006 (Improving Dental and Oral Care Services for Nursing Facility Residents).

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